SKF Online Motor Analysis System - NetEP software

Surveyor NetEP

SKF's Surveyor NetEP software automatically compares collected data from the SKF On-line Motor Analysis System - NetEP to user-defined parameters. It indicates to the operator the condition of a monitored machine on five status levels. The software will display the condition of each motor in the alarm view using a colour-coded schema within the user interface. This color coding is displayed throughout the software, including the motor tree, for easy identification of motor status. The tree view also displays the mapping of voltage busses and machine hierarchy within the plant.

Use the Surveyor NetEP software's multi-motor view to monitor the status of motors from one screen. Markers, cursors, box zooming, slide scaling and other tools enable easy navigation of large amounts of data quickly to confirm alarms and make informed decisions about machine processes.

Trending with the SKF Motor Condition Surveyor

The software delivers data on over 120 different parameters and produces alarms on 38 parameters. Some parameters gather trend data every 10 seconds, while others gather data once per hour. This 24/7 approach to data handling offers complete system monitoring, including third shift operation habits. The software displays the time, data and start and stop times of every machine monitored and puts the data at the user's fingertips. Since machine monitoring is performed 24/7, 365 days a year, a watch, caution and warning flagging system will indicate to a user that a given monitored machine's condition warrants attention. The software will also allow the operator to mark and automatically analyze rotor condition. The software includes a bearing reference database of 30,000 bearings to aid in the identification of bearing faults.
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