SKF SM-100
SKF SM-100
SKF SM-100 is a complete small oil circulation system. The unit can handle one or two small machines with a total flow rate of 7 l/min. The system pressure level is adjusted by variable speed drives (frequency control).

SKF SM-100 oil circulation unit saves energy. The reservoir is equipped with a heater to control oil viscosity at start up.

An optional cooler is furnished to reduce the filtered oil temperature supplied to the bearings, cooling can be done with air or water-cooler.
The filter cartridge can be changed during operation, using a by-pass valve.

Technical features:
  • Tank volume: 100 l
  • Operating pressure: max. 10 bar
  • Oil flow range: 2 to 7 l/min (6,8 l/min at 950 r/min)
  • Oil viscosity in operating conditions: 30 to 1 000 cSt
  • Oil filtering rate: 5 microns
  • Power supply: 400 V AC / 50 Hz 

Special features:
  • PLC based control unit
  • Flowmeter (SKF Flowline or SKF  Safeflow)

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