Electrically operated piston pump for use with single-line systems

FlowMaster pump
Lincoln FlowMaster pump

The high-performance FlowMaster product line is a new generation of pump technology. Compact and versatile, its unique rotary drive and modular gear set let you adjust the speed of the pump's motor to exactly fit your application.

FlowMaster pumps can save the cost of air and plug in 12/24 V DC, 120/230-1ph and 230/460-3ph V AC models. The motion of pump created by the electric rotary motor is converted into reciprocating pump motion, providing an efficient lubricant flow. Because of its rotary drive, the motor can be placed directly on the pump. As a result, the pump is so compact it fits almost anywhere.
There is also a hydraulically operated FlowMaster version available.

Features and benefits:

  • Increases pump life and simplifies pump installation, operation and service
  • Advanced technology: brushless DC motor
  • Temperature and overload protection: durable and long-lasting product that reduces machinery downtime for maintenance; less repair costs
  • Totally sealed: withstands washdowns
  • For use with single-line metering devices
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