Hydraulically operated piston pump for use with single-line systems

FlowMaster pump
Lincoln FlowMaster pump

High-performance FlowMaster hydraulic pumps combine rotary-driven pump motors with reciprocating pump tubes and flexible control features that perform in desert heat and arctic cold. The integrated control manifold adjusts the amount of lubricant and operating pressure. The pump’s output is adjustable from 115 to 737 cm³/min (7 to 45 in³/min).
There is also a FlowMaster pump with electric drive available.
Features and benefits:

  • Increases pump life and simplifies pump installation, operation and service
  • Pump and reservoir combination models are automatically level-sensor and shut-off system ready
  • Premium-choice pump for single-line parallel lubrication systems
  • Flexible ranges of use pump only or pump and bucket with follower low- and high-level detection
  • For desert heat and cold climates
  • For use with single-line metering devices
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