Single-action 55i pump for use with multi-line lubrication systems


The positive-displacement, single-action 55i pumps are fully adjustable by means of manually modifying the angle of the rocker arm to the cam. The pump operation is a two-stage process. As the camshaft rotates, the cam mechanically forces the pump plunger forward, displacing a measured volume of oil. On the second or return stroke, a spring assists the plunger to return for prime. All pump elements are designed with a pushbutton for manual pre-lubrication.

Features and benefits

  • Easy adjustment of flow rate
  • Pushbutton for pre-lubrication and system de-aeration
  • Modular box lubricator mounting for ease of maintenance
  • Pumps with suction tube for oil suction from the lubricator box or with direct feed by overhead reservoir
  • With or without sight glass for visual flow indication
  • For operating viscosity up to 1 700 mm²/s
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