Pneumatically operated pump for use with single-line systems

Single-line air-operated (reciprocating) oil pump Model 283167

Pump model 283167 includes air motor, vent valve, translucent reservoir with filler cap, strainer and 1 200 psi (82 bar) safety unloader.

Pump is an oscillating positive displacement pump with pneumatic drive. The change-over valve of the pump drive controls reciprocating of the pump strokes (discharges oil to outlet on forward stroke and sucks oil on back stroke). The reciprocating pump operates under air pressure and as such discharges material until the required system oil pressure is built up. The shut off and monitoring of the pump must be initiated by a pressure switch, 3/2 way air valve, components to limit and adjust the air operating pressure. These parts are to be furnished on site of the user.

Features and benefits:

  • Reservoir with filler cap and internal strainer
  • Vent valve assembly enclosed
  • Remote system components available upon request
  • Suitable for use with single-line metering devices
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