LubriLean DigitalSuper

Units for internal and external Minimial Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

DigitalSuper with Bypass control (BPC)
DigitalSuper with PROFINET connection
DigitalSuper with PROFIBUS connection

The innovative technology of the SKF LubriLean DigitalSuper makes it possible to use minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) for a wide range of cutting applications.

The unit’s innovative generation of aerosol, combined with a powerful integrated control unit, constantly provides an optimal supply of oil for the cutting process. Even in case of unfavourable pressure ratios caused by the application (deep-hole drilling) or by small diameter cooling ducts.
The LubriLean DigitalSuper stands out due to its performance as well as for its very user-friendly operation.

SKF LubriLean can replace the centralized cooling system in many machining processes. It assists customers in reducing costs of cooling system operation and maintenance, enables higher metal-cutting speed, increases the machining surface quality, extends the tool’s service life and lowers the passive impact on the environment.

A PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface conforming to HPC specifications permits easy system integration.

The active Bypass-Control (BPC) has been developed for advanced drilling tasks such as deep-hole drilling with small tool diameters (<5 mm).

  • Technical features
    Function principleMQL Unit with aerosol generator (Venturi effect)
    Metered aerosol quantity per outlet3–400 ml/h
    Operating pressure4–10 bar48–145 psi
    Recommended air pressure
    Units without Bypass Control
    6 bar87 psi
    Units with Bypass Control10 bar145 psi
    Air consumption per aerosol generator10–500 Nl/min
    Operating temperature–10 to +40°C+50 to +104 °F
    Protection classIP 54
    Mounting positionVertical, connections downwards
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How to install SKF LubriLean DigitalSuper

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