Bearing packer

Contamination free grease filling

SKF Bearing Packer VKN 550
SKF Bearing Packer VKN 550
The SKF bearing packer, VKN 550, is a sturdy, easy-to-use, efficient and effective bearing grease packer. The SKF bearing packer can also be used in combination with a standard grease gun, air-operated grease pump or grease filler pump.
  • Flushes the grease between the rolling elements where it matters most, prolonging the bearing service life.
  • Closed system and the cover lid prevent ingress of dirt virtually eliminating contamination
  • Allows the operator to pre-fill bearings with grease in a quick and clean way
  • Prevents unnecessary grease loss
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
Technical data
VKN 550
Bearing grease packer
1,8 kg
Zinc plated, metal finish
Suitable greases
Approved for all SKF greases
Other greases
NLGI class 000 to 2
Bearing range:

Inner diameter d
19 to 120 mm
Outer diameter D
Max. 200 mm
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