Grease filler pumps

Optimum cleanliness when filling your grease guns

Grease filler pump LAGF 18
Grease filler pump LAGF 50
Best lubrication practices say that each type of grease requires an individual grease gun and the refilling has to be a clean process. SKF Grease Filler Pumps are designed to help achieve this goal.
  • Quick filling: low pressure high stroke volume
  • Easy installation: all necessary items are included
  • Reliable: tested and approved for all SKF greases
  • Appropriate as a complement for SKF Bearing Packer VKN 550

LAGF series product video

Technical data

Maximum pressure
30 bar (430 psi)
30 bar (430 psi)
approx. 45 cm³ (1.5 US fl. oz)
approx. 45 cm³ (1.5 US fl. oz)
Suitable drum dimensions

- inside diameter
265-285 mm (10.4-11.2 in.)
350-385 mm (13.8-15.2 in.)
- maximum inside height
420 mm (16.5 in.)
675 mm (26.6 in.)
5 kg (11 lb)
7 kg (15 lb)
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