Shaft alignment tools

Selection guide

SKF has developed a range of easy-to-use shaft alignment tools that are suitable for a majority of alignment tasks.
  • TKSA 11, TKSA 31 and TKSA 41
    SKF Shaft alignment toolTKSA 11TKSA 31TKSA 41
    User interfaceiOS & Androidtouch screentouch screen
    Type of display devicephone, tabletdisplay devicedisplay device
    Display device includedTKSA 11: no*yesyes
    TKSA 11D2: yes
    Measurement positions9-12-39-12-3free
    Wireless measuring heads-
    Measurment distance18,5 cm2 m**4 m
    Minimal shaft rotation180°140°90°
    Machine library-
    QR code recognition--
    Machine viewfixed 2D viewfixed 3D viewfixed 3D view
    Target values---
    Disturbance compensation---
    Supported alignment applications   
    Horizontal shaft alignment
    Soft foot correction-
    Vertical shaft alignment---
    Spacer shaft---
    Machine train (up to 3 machines)---
    Digital dial gauge mode---
    Alignment accessories   
    Extension chainsoptionaloptionalincluded
    Extension rodsoptionaloptionalincluded
    Magnetic V-bracketsoptionaloptionaloptional
    Offset bracketsoptionaloptionaloptional
    Sliding bracketsoptionaloptionaloptional
    Magnetic base-optionaloptional
    Spindle bracketoptional--
    * optional TKSA DISPLAY2 with pre-installed apps is recommended
    ** with supplied USB cables 
  • TKSA 51, TKSA 71 and TKSA 71/PRO
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