Handling the heat and the pressure

S seal
S seal
S-seal detail
Your wellhead is a critical part of oil and gas infrastructure. Its sealing materials need to withstand pressures as high as 1 034 bar (15 000 psi) and temperatures of 149º C (300º F).
From design through to production, SKF S-seals are made to perform in the toughest situations, delivering reliable high-pressure static sealing.
All our wellhead seals of the FS range successfully passed the test without any seals damage according to API 6A annex F PR2 with the following parameters:
  • Gas test pressure: 0 to 690 bar (0 to 10 000 psi)
  • Temperature: -18 to 121 °C (0 to 250 °F)
  • Test medium: Nitrogen gas


  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Extended seal and equipment service life
    Reduced installation time, delay and damage
  • Protects system from loose materials

S-seals are available as moulded versions made of SKF Ecorubber-H 85A-b-ED.

Please find more details about materials here.

Please see the wellhead seal selection criteria here.

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