HDS1 and HDS2

The most commonly used metal-cased seals are the HDS1 and HDS2 seals, designed for general-purpose applications. They are equipped with a heavy-duty metal case and a stainless steel garter spring.
The HDS1 seal (fig 1) has a spring installed in the SKF Springlock groove (fig 2). For blind installations, where spring displacement may go undetected, HDS2 seals (fig 3) have an SKF Springcover (fig 4) that retains the spring in the groove. The HDS1 and HDS2 seals are available with adjustable or fixed-width spacer lugs. For additional information, refer to the section Additional design features.
The HDS1 and HDS2 seals can be designed with a PTFE auxiliary lip (fig 5 and fig 6), positioned and directed in either of the two ways and/or with an elastomer applied to the metal outside diameter (fig 7).
Nitrile rubber is standard for these seal designs, but both of them are also available in SKF Duralip, SKF Duratemp and SKF Duralife.
The HDS1 and HDS2 seals are available for all shaft diameters within the ranges listed in the table. A selection of available sizes is listed in the product table. Contact your SKF sales representative for additional information regarding availability.
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