Hydraulic tension tightening

SKF has been working in the area of preloaded bolt tightening for more than 70 years

Techniques de Serrage Industriel
In those days, the focus was on tightening slewing rings. Since then the SKF “Industrial Tightening Techniques” department based in France has never ceased to build up its experience in the area of hydraulic tension tightening, in every industrial sector and for a wide variety of applications. Aware that good tightening control is very important in economic and safety terms, SKF proposes its know-how and a range of specific services for solving all bolted assembly tightening problems.

Services proposed by SKF

On-site tightening check

You have to perform a large amount of testing and checking but the number of tools required for covering every area is too great and, in addition, you need skilled operators. We have a very wide range of practical, precise and high-performance tools to help you. If we don’t have what you need we can design and make them very quickly. Our expert teams can provide you with a fast, effective service for checking your bolted assemblies.

Training, technical assistance, interventions

We have developed training programs that your staff can benefit from. We are also able to propose specific programs suited to your needs. 
In addition, we can place technicians at your disposal to back you up in your workshops or on-site.

Installing, commissioning and using tension tightening machines

We can carry out all these operations for you and even systematically ensure the implementation of the equipment each time it has to be used.

Overhaul, repair in the workshop or on-site

We can perform these tasks for you in your workshops or on-site (provided the environmental conditions are compatible with the accomplishment of the work).

The various hydraulic tensioner solutions proposed by SKF

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