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SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 5.0

The SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 5.0 supports more functionality in SKF @ptitude Observer and SKF @ptitude Analyst. This firmware is available for SKF Multilog IMx-C, IMx-P, IMx-S, IMx-W, IMx-B and IMx-M.
Features and functionality of v. 5.0
The features of this v5.0 firmware include:
  • Event Capture group and measurement points
  • IEC 61850/MMS interface
  • Multiple Gating measurement point
  • Operating Class dependant alarm levels for vibration points
  • Operating Class separate storage of spectra/waveforms in same interval
  • Trend averaging for applicable process points
  • System command interface
  • Time synch loss and adjustment events (default off)
  • Settling time to clear cable fault (default is five seconds)
  • NTP server address can now be set in both configuration files
  • Explicit configuration of Modbus output registers possible
  • Modbus output rounded to nearest integer (previously truncated)
  • NTP poll intervals and accuracy optimized
  • NTP statistics in debug command
  • NTP does not stop synchronizing after ICMP DU response (OTD2658)
  • System led behavior updated for new IMx-S IO-board (on 0.4s at reboot)
  • Ethernet driver early packet filter for better immunity on bad networks
  • Ethernet driver received packet transfer optimized
  • Set rate/range of averaged order-tracked data to Observer expected (OTD2667)

SKF @ptitude monitoring suite compatibility:

  • Required for Observer 10.1, still supports down to 7.0 (possible limitations)
  • SKF @ptitude Analyst 2013 Edition maintenance release 3 (MR3)
Download instructions for v5.0
  1. Download the firmware file from the Download files section in the right column of this page ("SKF Multilog IMx firmware 5.0") to your PC's desktop or temp folder.
  2. Unzip or extract the IMx-5.0.pkg file from the downloaded file.
  3. Click here to fill out and submit the customer information form so that we may update your equipment records.
If you are unable to use this online service to download the SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 5.0, please contact SKF Technical Support at 1-800-523-7524.

Installation instructions for SKF @ptitude Analyst:
  • Launch SKF @ptitude Analyst and import the IMx-5.0.pkg file by clicking the File > Import > Firmware menu items.
  • From the Firmware Manager dialog window, click Browse and locate the IMx-5.0.pkg file and click Open. Replace the existing firmware file by clicking Yes when prompted.
  • Perform an SKF Multilog IMx Service restart and a POINT setup download.

Installation instructions for SKF @ptitude Observer:

  • Launch SKF @ptitude Observer and import the IMx-5.0.pkg file by clicking the Help > News in Observer menu item.
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