Housing variants

In addition to standard design SONL plummer (pillow) block housings, a number of variants are also available. Variants include housings made of different materials, different bearing seat tolerance classes and additional tapped holes for circulating oil lubrication systems.

Housing material

For applications where extra strength is needed, SONL housings are also available in spheroidal graphite cast iron.

Bearing seat tolerance

SONL housings can be supplied with different bearing seat tolerance classes, e.g. for applications prone to vibration or with rotating outer ring load.
For additional information, contact the SKF application engineering service.

Housings for circulating oil lubrication systems

In applications where CARB toroidal roller and self-aligning ball bearings are lubricated by a circulating oil lubrication system, SKF recommends using SONL .. RA housings. These housings are designed for bearings that are lubricated from the side and require a slightly higher oil level than spherical roller bearings.
In SONL .. RA housings, the holes that connect the two halves of the oil sump are positioned higher than in standard housings. This enables oil to reach the rolling elements of the bearing (fig. 1).
For additional information, refer to Using circulating oil lubrication with CARB and self aligning ball bearings.
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