Features and benefits

SONL plummer block housings have the following features and benefits:

Simple mounting

To simplify mounting and make alignment more accurate, lines indicating the centre of the bearing seat and housing bore axis are cast into the housing base. Dimples indicate the position for dowel pins (fig. 1).
SONL housings have significantly fewer components than earlier SOFN housings. Their four cap bolts are loosened prior to delivery for easy removal.
Mounting instructions are supplied with each seal kit. The housings have an eye bolt on the cap for safe and easy handling.

Deep sump for lower operating temperatures

SONL housings have a deep sump that holds a large volume of oil so that heat can be dissipated effectively (fig. 2). This cooling effect extends the service life of both the lubricant and the bearing.

If operating conditions require it, auxiliary oil cooling tubes are available. These can be installed through the oil outlet holes in the housing base.

Strong, stiff and simple design

The simple, sturdy design of SONL housings provides maximum support and reduces the risk of deforming the cap or base during installation. Dowel pins between the cap and base are off-centre so that the cap can only be installed one way.

Comprehensive seal kits

In addition to the seals, seal kits for SONL housings are supplied standard with (fig. 3):

  • an oil level gauge that makes it easy to visually check the level and condition of the oil
  • a magnetic plug that screws into one of the four tapped holes in the housing base. This plug attracts metal particles, extending the service life of the lubricant and bearing.

Caps and bases individually marked

The housing cap and base are matched during manufacture and are not interchangeable with the caps and bases of other housings. To prevent any mismatches, a unique serial number is marked on both the housing cap and the base (fig. 4).
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