Boundary dimensions

Boundary dimensions of SKF super-precision bearings follow the ISO 15 general plan for radial rolling bearings, or, in certain circumstances, conform to boundary dimensions accepted by the industry.
ISO 15 general plan

The ISO 15 general plan for boundary dimensions of radial bearings contains a progressive series of standardized outside diameters for every standard bore diameter, arranged in a diameter series. Within each diameter series, different width series have also been established.

Dimension series are formed by combining the number for the width series with the number for the diameter series.

For super-precision bearings, only a limited number of dimension series are used. Table 1 lists diameter and width series used for SKF super-precision bearings.

Specific information about compliance to dimension standards is provided in each product section:

Chamfer dimensions

Minimum values for the chamfer dimensions (fig. 1) in the radial direction (r1, r3) and the axial direction (r2, r4) are listed in the product tables. These values are in accordance with the general plans of ISO 15:2011, ISO 12043:2007 and ISO 12044:1995.

The appropriate maximum chamfer dimensions are in accordance with ISO 582:1995 and are listed under Chamfer dimension limits.

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