Lubrication solutions for the oil and gas industry

Improving performance and reliability

Oil and gas exploration, drilling and production processes around the world operate more reliably and efficiently because of SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems. Whether on land or water, in the desert or at the Arctic Circle, SKF has the right lubrication solution for critical components.

A complete portfolio of lubrication solutions to improve system reliability

Vibration, high mechanical loads, contamination and moisture are all threats to bearing and gear service life. Like any mechanical system, moving parts in pumps, compressors, fans and blowers, generators, cranes, thrusters, shakers and valves need proper lubrication to function optimally.

SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems deliver the exact quantity of the appropriate lubricant to the right place at the right time while the equipment is running – without production downtime.

With comprehensive knowledge of tribology and industrial demands, our engineers and technicians have developed lubrication systems for oil and gas applications. System components have been tailored to the industry and help to ensure that modern extraction and processing operations run properly.

SKF also can assist you in optimizing lubrication settings and intervals and in developing a customized lubrication programme.

Benefits of automatic lubrication systems

Maintenance benefits

  • Reduces labour costs
  • Extends repair intervals
  • Eliminates over- and under-lubrication

Operational benefits

  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces unplanned downtime
  • Improves profitability

Safety benefits

  • Increases worker safety by eliminating manual lubrication of difficult-to-access points
  • Reduces risk of slips and falls when compared to manual lubrication
  • Fewer accidents

Solutions for challenging applications

The demands of energy exploration and production are increasing as more challenging locations need to be tapped. The production of unconventional oils and gases is becoming more common, and complex offshore oil fields require deep drilling as well as sub-sea operations. Upstream, midstream or downstream, SKF supports you in every phase by providing automatic lubrication systems that are tailored to the specific characteristics of the job.

Class-approved and ATEX- or ICE-certified products for all applications are available upon request.

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