Automatic lubrication systems for construction machines

Pins and bushings fail without proper lubrication

Failure to lubricate every lubrication point, on every machine, every shift, can have a negative effect on schedules, maintenance costs and “on-time” performance. When rock dust, dirt, sand and water are allowed to work their way into components, a “grinding compound” forms that can reduce bearing life substantially. This causes unplanned downtime and reduced productivity.

Automatic lubrication systems can help

Automatic lubrication systems supply the correct amount of grease at the best time to lubricate – while the bearing is in motion. Frequent lubrication maintains the proper lubricant film to reduce wear, as well as purges the pins and bushings of contaminants.

Benefits from automatic lubrication

  • Gain at least 30 minutes per shift, per machine
  • Improve production with more uptime
  • Reduce replacement part costs when equipment is properly lubricated
  • Improve resale value when lube system is on board
  • Reduce potential for worker injury
  • Minimize lubricant costs
  • Reduce environmental concerns through controlled lubrication

Experience in a wide range of applications

SKF offers a complete selection of high-performance progressive or single-line lubrication systems for construction equipment, which are tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. We also can provide support by monitoring machine component and sub system health, as well as the lubrication system. Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offer SKF and Lincoln lubrication systems as factory-installed options. Whether it involves heavy articulation, long reach, demolition, sand, water, rock or dirt, SKF has a lubrication solution for the job at hand.

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