Lubrication systems for specific markets

Integrated, systems-based solutions to meet your goals

SKF pursues advanced research and development in tribology, a branch of engineering that deals with friction, wear and lubrication. In addition, our engineers design products that solve real, every-day customer problems. As a result, we understand the challenges of your industry. We know that the right lubrication solution involves the capability to integrate technologies in the areas of bearings, seals, services, mechatronics and lubrication systems.

For original equipment manufacturers, even small design improvements can make a big difference. The earlier you involve SKF as an engineering partner in the planning and design process, the bigger the potential benefits. SKF distributors and application engineers can work with your team to optimize designs for long life and reliability.

Discover what SKF can do for your market

With SKF, you are able to offer your customers a more compact, energy-efficient and cost-effective lubrication solution that is easy to install, use and maintain. Equally important, we can work together to develop designs that fit your needs and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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