Automatic lubrication systems for the marine industry

Simplify maintenance tasks and reduce operating costs

Fleet maintenance can be performed more efficiently and safely with SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems. Providing lubrication solutions for all types of vessels, SKF helps to optimize your marine operations. In fact, many lubrication applications on a ship can be completed more efficiently and safely with SKF and Lincoln lubrication systems.

A complete portfolio of lubrication solutions to improve system reliability

Vibration, high mechanical loads, contamination and moisture are all threats to bearing and gear service life. Like any mechanical system, moving parts in engines, gear boxes, propeller shafts, steering gears, winch drives, deck cranes or other auxiliary equipment require proper lubrication to function optimally.

SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems deliver the exact quantity of the appropriate lubricant to the right place at the right time while the equipment is running – without downtime.

Drawing upon their comprehensive knowledge of tribology and industrial demands, our engineers and technicians have developed highly efficient lubrication systems for marine applications. SKF also can assist you in optimizing lubrication settings and intervals, and in developing a customized lubrication programme.

Benefits of automatic lubrication systems

Maintenance benefits

  • Minimizes labor required for lubrication
  • Extends repair intervals
  • Reduces consumable costs
  • Reduces wear and corrosion

Operational benefits

  • Helps to ensure that equipment is properly lubricated
  • Eliminates over- and under-lubrication
  • Increases reliability
  • Improves profitability

Safety benefits

  • Eliminates manual lubrication of difficult-to-access points or in explosion-protected areas
  • Reduces risk of slips and falls when compared to manual lubrication
  • Fewer accidents

Solutions for challenging applications

SKF provides product solutions for the proper lubrication of propeller shaft bearings and steering gears, as well as winch drives, ropes and cables. In addition, grease and oil spraying systems are available for jacking systems and open gears. Oil is the lubricant of choice for heavy-loaded bearings in gear boxes or stern tube seals. It lubricates and cools the lubrication points and removes contaminants from the oil cycle.

SKF also offers efficient lubrication solutions for diesel engines that help to reduce cylinder lubricant consumption.

Class-approved and ATEX- or ICE-certified products for all applications are available upon request.

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