SKF EasyRail Compact

Single-line lubrication systems for railway vehicles

SKF EasyRail Compact operates through homogeneous lubricant metering. The dosage is already defined at the pump unit. Compressed air is the transport medium. The lubricant moves along the pipe system via a flow divider towards the spraying nozzles from where the lubricant is evenly distributed on the wheel flange.

Thus only one line, carrying the lubricant and compressed air at the same time, is installed. The air / lubricant mix is split up into equal parts inside the flow divider when the flow conditions prevailing in the outlet branches similar. Optional, it is possible to substitute the flow divider by a valve in order to lubricate the left and right hand wheel independently.


SKF EasyRail Compact systems can be used universally on all vehicle segments from urban transport to regional and intercity trains as well as locomotives. The ease of installation also allows quick retrofitting on existing rail vehicles. It is the most simple solution for applications, which can tolerate a certain degree of spraying pattern variations and longer cycle times.
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