Tram and metros

Rail lubrication through lubrication holes

Rail Lubrication_rail with drilled channels principle
Wayside single-line lubrication for TRAM Metro

In comparison to mainline trains, the tracks of trams and metros are not such highly loaded, which is why lubricant channels drilled into the rails are the preferred choice to apply lubricants. Nevertheless, the customer needs to approve this method in consultation with local traffic authorities.

The lubricants or friction modifiers are brought to the lubrication point via high-pressure hoses. The number and position of the channels are determined on site, helping to ensure that the wheels are actually in contact with the lubricant.

System options to meet customer requirements include above ground and underground pump stations, steel boxes to protect the hose connections, ultrasonic train sensors, axle count sensors and more.

SKF offers two type of system technologies:

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