X-ECOPUR series

The X-ECOPUR polyurethanes are harder grades of ECOPUR.

Compared to standard materials, harder grades show nearly the same tensile strength and elongation at break at a considerably higher 100%-modulus of strain, as well as higher tear strength. The tensile set is for instance on the same level as with standard materials. X-ECOPUR versions have higher extrusion resistance than standard polyurethanes and therefore allow higher pressure at same geometries. The X-ECOPUR grades have increased wear resistance, extended lifetime and a dramatically reduced tendency to stick-slip compared to standard polyurethanes.


The composition of X-ECOPUR (TPU) provides outstanding friction and wear properties as well as high pressure resistance. Therefore the material is well suited for the use as a composite seal, for wipers working in heavy-duty applications as well as for engineered plastic parts that require high elasticity and superior resilience.
Due to the exceptional extrusion resistance, seals made of this material work at higher pressure level and larger clearance, than those made of standard polyurethanes and PTFE compounds.


Compared to the standard grade H-ECOPUR, X-ECOPUR H (TPU) has a significantly higher hardness. The composition of the material based on special raw materials provides outstanding friction and wear characteristics as well as pressure resistance. This material exhibits an outstanding chemical and hydrolysis resistance for applications in mineral oil, biodegradable hydraulic fluids (HETG and HEES, etc) and water based fluids (HFA and HFB).


Compared to the S-ECOPUR standard material, X-ECOPUR S (TPU) is harder and therefore further improves sliding properties. X-ECOPUR S has a better extrusion resistance than the standard material and therefore seals made of this material can be used at higher pressure, assuming the same profiles are used. 
X-ECOPUR S is most suitable for poor lubricated working conditions. The material can also withstand dry-running depending on the overall service conditions.

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