Machine data

The SKF SEAL JET DD 010 machine produces seals up to 200 mm in diameter.
Main dimensions
1 270 mm (width) x 1 280 mm (depth) x 1 900 mm (height)
800 kg
Machining area
Max. tube diameter 
220 mm
Travel x-axis
550 mm 
Max. tube length
160 mm
Main spindle drive 
Three-phase asynchronous motor with combined ventilation 3 kW
Noise level75 dB (A)
Tool system

SKF-specific automatic tool changing system (patent pending)

Number of machining tools10

Clamping system


Lubrication systemMaintenance-free lifetime greasing
Cooling air systemSKF Minimum Quantity Lubrication unit with two nozzles (capacity 3,5 l)
Swarf suction unit internally     Drive 1,5 kW with 90 l chip container
Power supply

3 x 400 V +PE; 5 kVA

Multi voltage version optionally

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