Gearbox maintenance operations

SKF's gearbox maintenance operations apply the SKF Asset Efficiency Optimization methodology – a process that aligns maintenance requirements with business goals. Below are just a few of the consultancy services and service contracts SKF can execute to keep track of your gearbox performance and availability during phases of its life cycle.
Maintenance strategy review
Maintenance activities are often based on history, maintenance personnel experience and/or the original manufacturer's instructions. SKF can work with you to devise the best maintenance strategy and practices based on the driveline criticality and your key performance indicators. This helps ensure that your gearbox provides the required power as reliably and efficiently as possible.
Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Gear units and motors must provide smooth and reliable operation. With the right asset monitoring system, you can identify potential problems before they occur.

SKF Predictive Maintenance is a process that uses sophisticated technological systems to gather comprehensive intelligence on driveline conditions and production processes. SKF can design a specific PdM system adapted for your driveline and process needs. A PdM system can include vibration monitoring, thermography, lubricant analysis and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis.

Inspection, monitoring, diagnostics and protection systems
SKF offers advanced, well-proven, multi-parameter condition monitoring systems, ranging from portable monitoring units to complete on-line systems. This includes a wide range of equipment for static testing and dynamic monitoring devised for industrial motors – all optimized for the tough requirements of driveline operations.
Lubricants and oil analysis and conditioning

Using the right lubricant, in the right amount, in the right place can provide longer service life for bearings and gears, with less wear and lower operating temperatures. Optimized use of lubrication systems, lubricants and periodic analysis can prevent gearbox breakdowns.

SKF's product range includes special "Oil Conditioning Units" designed for oil bath lubricated gearboxes. These units are able to periodically clean the oil and complete oil circulation systems for medium and large customized gearboxes.

Integrated maintenance solutions (IMS)
Integrated Maintenance Solutions (IMS) from SKF offers an alternative to in-house maintenance practices or full outsourcing and subcontracting. SKF IMS brings together all areas of SKF expertise to develop a continuous process of maintenance monitoring, analysis and improvement. It provides a planned skills transfer program for maintenance and operation personnel, and technology upgrades when required. The services and support needed to optimize driveline efficiency and integrity (safety and environment) are all included in one performance-based agreement.
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