Gearbox repair and reconditioning

We provide a full range of remanufacturing services for any type or brand of gearbox on site or at SKF Solution Factory where we have gather expertise in gearbox solutions. Once the gearbox arrives at our SKF Solution Factory, we recondition the unit following a standardized process consisting of:
Disassembly and conditions assessment
This process includes preliminary dissassembly, cleaning, inspection and analysis of critical components, such as gears, bearings, shafts and seals. Bearing seat measurement and geometry check are also done. A non-destructive test is always performed on parts such as shafts or gears that are supposed to be re-used.
This is the complete machine renovation, where all bearings and seals are replaced with premium quality SKF spare parts. Gears are analysed and reworked or replaced according to the flank status or presence of cracks. Housing seats are reworked if necessary. The gearbox is assembled, adjusting the operating bearing’s axial and radial clearances. Gear’s backlash and path of contact are verified. When needed, a complete reverse engineering is done and new manufacturing drawings are released.
Final testing
Conformance testing is performed on each refurbished or upgraded unit, rotating the gearbox at the nominal speed and monitoring the temperature progression. During the test, the gearbox runs with dedicated oil that is continuously filtered until the required minimum contamination level is reached. An oil particle counting device helps ensure that only gearboxes with a very low level of residual particles leave the workshop. Advanced vibration acquisition and measurement concludes the process.
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